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HUR Australia is the technology leader in exercise equipment for Senior Exercise, Rehabilitation and for people with disabilities.

We are now bringing the equipment directly to the homes of the Australian consumer!
NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainers mimic the stepping motion and allow for a functional total-body cardio and strength workout while comfortably seated- ideal for excercise beginners, the elderly and people with disabilities.

What separates NuStep’s inclusive, recumbent cross trainers from other exercise equipment? They’re coveted by a wide variety of users: Those who are healthy and fit, those who are overweight or living with mobility challenges, or those rehabilitating after a joint replacement, surgery, cardiac event or stroke.
NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainers
NuStep recumbent cross trainers provide a great low-impact, total-body, cardiovascular and strength workout that can benefit virtually anyone.
The NuStep recumbent cross trainers feature a 360° swivel seat and sturdy grab bar for added stability for exercisers when getting on and off the machine. They also have an easy start up and smooth stepping motion so that exercisers get a low impact workout that won’t overstress their joints.

As the user builds strength and endurance they can adjust the resistance level of their workout to challenge themselves to work towards achieving their next fitness goals.
Accessibility Accessories
Strength levels or functional ability shouldn't limit access to exercise. HUR Australia are proud to be offering a range of accessibility accessories to aid in the use of the NuStep equipment. From seatbelts, to leg stabilisers and hand grips, explore Nustep retrofit accessories range today.

NuStep cross trainers meet users where they are, and take them where they want to go
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Nustep is one of the most accessible, effective and adaptive cross trainers on the market.
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Customer Testimonials
Hear what our happy customers have to say!
"In 2020 I bought a NuStep cross trainer and have used it practically every day since. It was early in the pandemic and because of my mobility issues, I knew taking regular walks would be difficult. The design of the NuStep is superior; it exercises the whole body without putting strain on any part. It is easy to monitor and adjust the speed and load. No excuses not to exercise - I don’t need to think about what the weather is doing. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made." - Ruth C, Newcastle NSW

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