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NuStep T4R Recumbent Cross Trainer

The HUR Nustep T4r Recumbant Cross Trainer offers a low-impact total body workout for users of virtually any fitness level or functional ability.

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Product Description

NuStep T4R Recumbent Cross Trainer

The NuStep T4r delivers a low-impact total body workout that can benefit users of virtually any fitness level or functional ability. It can be used with either just legs or just arms or both simultaneously for a true cross-trainer experience. It is battery powered, and needs no connection to any external power sources. It has rear wheels allowing for easy relocation if needed.

The T4R features a comfortable, wheelchair seat that spins a full 360 degrees and can be locked every 45 degrees allowing users to access and transition the seat from virtually any angle. The seat also facilitates various leg length by adjusting forwards and backwards.

On the arm handles, it has easy-to-adjust clamshell releases  to allow users to establish the optimal arm handle length. The rubber hand grips are soft, comfortable and easy to clean.

A conveniently located handle next to the chair allows for the adjustment of resistance levels. The chair arms can be lifted out of the way for easy access.

The foot pedals were designed to accommodate feet of various sizes and are supportice and stable making a good lower body workout possible. The heel cups help reduce slipping off the pedals.

The display on the T4r is easy to read and easy to use. With the Quick Start button workouts begin with a single click. Resistance level and total steps are displayed. A media shelf, StrideLock lever and water bottle holder are located below the display.

See the Nustep T4r in action.


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