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NuStep T4r Unilateral Leg Stabiliser Accessory Kit

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Product Description

NuStep T4r Unilateral Leg Stabiliser Accessory Kit

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates leg abduction or adduction
  • Adjustable to keep legs in proper alignment
  • Attaches on thigh to minimise knee torque
  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Leg Stabiliser holder offers easy access and storage
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Washable neoprene strap, no latex
  • Sanitary and cleanable


Offers advanced support for users with lower body deficiencies or weakness. Stabilises leg from abducting or adducting. Adjustable to keep the leg in the desired alignment.

  • 1 leg stabiliser
  • 1 standard strap
  • 1 seat mounting bracket and holder


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